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Discover the world of D.K. Adams, a new author who debuts a series of guide dog detective stories from Ace Novels Inc., based in Indian Shores, Florida.  Featuring a likable pup who thinks he is a bona fide sleuth, these stories are sure to charm and delight.

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[title type=”h4″]Ace: Guide Dog Detective[/title]Sample
Ace: Guide Dog Detective

$8.95 Paperback

 $19.95 Hard Cover

As a guide dog, Ace is already engaged in a noble profession. Able to understand and perform 41 commands, the clever canine also has a nose for intrigue. Told from the dog’s perspective, read how Ace tries to help local authorities with their cases, while helping his owner with his daily activities. Laced with humor and compassion, the story illustrates the unconditional love between Ace and his owner, as well as the dog’s amazing abilities.
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[title type=”h4″]Ace: Amazing grrr ACE[/title]
(Available First Quarter of 2013)
Ace: Amazing grrr ACE
 $8.95 Paperback (Available First Quarter of 2013)
 $19.95 Hard Cover (Available First Quarter of 2013)

Be on the lookout for the sequel to Ace: Guide Dog Detective, to be released in the first quarter of 2013. Prepare for all-out giggles as you follow the further adventures of Ace and his good-natured owner.
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[title type=”h4″]Tar Baby: Summer of ’55[/title]
(Available Second Quarter of 2013)

 $8.95 Paperback (Available Second Quarter of 2013)
 $19.95 Hard Cover (Available Second Quarter of 2013)

Romance, humor, and adventure await in Tar Baby (One Life Under God, Warts and All), a young adult fiction novel by D.K. Adams of Ace Novels Inc., based in Indian Shores, Florida. Tar Baby is a two part novel and a true story, only the names are changed.

Reflection & Remembrance, the book is a story of a country boy raised in an earlier era, a time of old-fashioned values. He learns about life and relationships as he grows from boyhood to manhood, and into his golden years.

Along the way he encounters not only conquests and failures, but lasting friendship as well, all of which contribute to a full and productive life. As he approaches the final stages of his life, he looks back with wit and insight, with the realization that perhaps he has felt the hand of a divine power.

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