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[title type=”h4″]Guide Dog Detective Stories & New Author Based in Indian Shores, Florida[/title]

Discover the world of D.K. Adams, a new author who debuts a series of guide dog detective stories from Ace Novels Inc., based in Indian Shores, Florida.

Teens and grownups alike can enjoy a fresh take on the mystery novel with Adams’ debut series. Featuring a likable pup who thinks he is a bona fide sleuth, these stories are sure to charm and delight. The first Ace book is based on true adventures I have had with Ace implementing only minor poetic license.
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[title type=”h5″ style=”text-align: center;”]ACE: Guide Dog Detective[/title]

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ACE: Guide Dog Detective

As a guide dog, Ace is already engaged in a noble profession. Able to understand and perform 41 commands, the clever canine also has a nose for intrigue. Told from the dog’s perspective, read how Ace tries to help local authorities with their cases…

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[title type=”h5″]ACE: Amazing grrr Ace[/title]

ACE: Amazing grrr Ace

Be on the lookout for the sequel to Ace: Guide Dog Detective, to be released in the first quarter of 2013. Prepare for all-out giggles as you follow the further adventures of Ace and his good-natured owner.

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[title type=”h5″]Tar Baby: Summer of ’55[/title]

Tar Baby: Summer of '55

There is that moment in our formative years that stands out as our right of passage. Follow Adams through his youth to when he finds his in the summer of 1955. Tar Baby is a delightful look back at a simpler time as he passes from a child to a young man, available second quarter of 2013.

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[title type=”h4″]Testimonials[/title]

[blockquote author=”Jim Aker, VA.” width=”24%” float=”left”]I loved the book. Good for all dog lovers and others as well. I would recommend it for young and old alike.  I look forward to his next book.[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”Phillip Blaney, CA.” width=”24%” float=”left”]I Really liked this book. A good story line and I loved the way he drew the reader into the story.  A good read for all ages, a dog lovers delight.[/blockquote]

[testimonials author=”A Special Acknowledgement” author_position=”D.K. Adams” width=”50%” float=”left”]I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to a fellow veteran and my friend for over 60 years, Rich Holland. Without Rich’s tireless help and support this project would never have reached completion. Thank you Rich, Ace and I are forever in your debt.[/testimonials]

[blockquote author=”Alyce La Gasse, OR.” width=”75%” float=”left”]Move Over Lassie, Ace the Guide Dog Detective is on the job now. With a unique combination of humor, pathos, and ingenious dog-dialog, Adams cleverly conveys his very special relationship with Ace. Through a series of shared adventures with Ken, “the blind”, and the hero of the story, Ace the reader is introduced to the world of those who have limited or no vision and their challenges. There is no self-pitty in Ken’s story… in a very sweet and delightful tongue-in-cheek presentation; he shares his love for his dog, their dedication to each other, and his joy in having Ace as a guide, a partner, and a friend.[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”Rich Howard, PA.” width=”25%” float=”left”]I just finished reading your book. Without wanting to sound pratronizing, IT WAS GREAT!!! What a dog! I really and truly enjoyed reading it and will recommend it to all.[/blockquote]

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[title type=”h5″]For more information, contact us at info@acenovels.com.
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